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  Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope 2013-2014

"Water the elixir of Life"

Brought to you by Orion ICSE School

With the rise of competition all around, we Orionites have an unusual manner of competing. We, unlike others, learn from doing work practically. An example of this is the upcoming annual exhibition, Kaleidoscope. This academic year (2013-2014), Kaleidoscope is based on “Water, the Elixir of Life”. From the tiniest tot to the most terrible teenager, all students from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary are striving hard to put on a good show for the visitors, and to learn a lot from this innovative approach. As a way of bifurcation, the various classes have portrayed the base topic in different manners.


Our youngest members, aka Nursery have decided to conquer the “Water Kingdom”. Junior K.G. has decided to display the “Deep Blue Sea” as their vision of water. Senior K.G. is demonstrating the need of water, without which “Mumbai Comes to Halt”.

Grade I (Jupiter) is honoring “Water, Our Savior”. “Water Transport” is going to be carried out by Grade I(Mars and Venus).

The “Mysteries of Water” will be uncovered by GradeII (Venus). Grade II (Mars) will be educating us on the fact that water is our link to life. So “Conserve Water, Conserve Life”.

Grade III (Mars) will throw light on the fun side of the serious topic by showing us how we can use “Water for Recreation”. Grade III(Venus) will praise our land on its abundant water sources in “India, the Land of Rivers”.

Grade IV (Venus) magicians will show us “Aqua-Magic”. Grade IV (Mars) will show us the crazy side of water in “Aqua Maverick”.

Grade V (Venus) is enlightening us on “Himalayan Odyssey”. Grade V (Mars) is immersing themselves in “Mystic Waters”.

Grade VI(Venus) will “Conserve Drops to Raise Crops”. Grade VI(Mars) will warn us on the dangerous topic of “Fury of Nature; Unleashed”.

Grade VII will poetically show how “Still Water Runs Deep”.

Grade VIII will show us the how “Water Marvels” them.

Grade IX is omnipresent and has humbly volunteered to help each and every class in every aspect, along with various other duties.

We are all anticipating the arrival of the 30th and 31st of August, 2013 as well as the 1st of September for Kaleidoscope to go public.

We hope everyone will enjoy this experience and appreciate our efforts.

Please do come and join us on this AQUA TRIAL...

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